Product Overview

We are bringing a novel, robust and convenient person authentication solution to the biometric security market. Our product, LipVerify,  can validate a user’s identity by analysing the appearance and movement of their lips as they speak into a camera. These movements are known as their viseme profile and have been shown to be highly speaker-specific. The user is challenged to say a randomly chosen word or phrase each time they are authenticated. This allows our technology to not only accurately verify identity but also ensure that the person is actually present (“liveness”) and therefore the biometric data is not being falsified. LipVerify enables a number of use cases including –

  • Prevention of theft and fraud in online and mobile commerce
  • Online and mobile banking authentication
  • Secure Access to Web-sites
  • Physical Access Security, Time and Attendance Management
  • Securing access to Mobile Devices & Applications
  • Authentication for Corporate mobile workforce
  • Enhancing the accuracy of Audio-based Speech Recognition Systems (see Visual Phrase Recognition)