Features & Benefits

LipVerify is unique – there are no competitive products using viseme analysis for biometric user authentication.

When comparing Liopa’s viseme analysis to these techniques the following benefits should be noted –

  • No extra hardware needed – in contrast to e.g. Fingerprint and Iris scanning techniques
  • High performance – our current trial version shows good authentication accuracy.  With our planned Roadmap improvements we expect that accuracy of the first commercial offering will compare very favourably with the best techniques currently available.
  • Strong ‘Liveness’ detection– the issuing of a random challenge phrase during user verification is a simple, yet highly effective approach to liveness detection and prevention of replay attacks, making LipVerify extremely resistant to compromise.
  • Usability – our first commercial offering will use short length digit sequences for verification and will ‘find’ the speaker’s lips automatically even as the mobile device moves. This ease-of-use contrasts with techniques such as Iris scanning where more rigorous alignment of the eye to the device is required.
  • Single Enrolment – our core technology will initially be server-based, residing in the cloud or in the customer’s premises.  The user can thus enrol on a single device and subsequently verify on any other device. This bypasses the need for a separate enrolment on each user device, a common issue for device-resident solutions.